6:19 PM

Get $5 off $20

Walgreen's has a coupon for $5 off $20 purchase good tomorrow (Thursday) ONLY! Combine this offer with manufacturer coupons and EasySaver rebate rewards to make some great deals.

1:07 PM

Monday Bargain Run

I didn't have a lot of time to plan my bargains today. So, this is not terribly impressive. I used up quite a few ECB's and a Register Reward that was expiring. I did not do an awesome job of "rolling" ECB's though. That would have required more planning.
CVS: I had a $10/$50 that I wanted to use, and didn't calculate carefully enough, so ended up having to throw a ton of sweetarts on the counter to get my total up to $50. Coupons used: $1 off of Schepps Milk, .40 Skippy, .25 Ragu, .25 Bounty Basic, $2 Gillete Fusion. They were out of the Tropicana Pure Premium that I had planned to buy, so I got the 2 4 packs of Mac and Cheese. I also should have gotten more PB and sauce because I am short of qualifying for that ECB (it was cheaper than I thought). Oh well, maybe I'll get 3 more and get my ECB next time I go. If I was hard core, I'd just return the sweetarts and buy the PB & sauce to fix my ECB, but I'm too lazy to return sweetarts. Spent $13 oop, generated $8 ECB.
Target: Finished getting my last 2 Electrasol (Daniel grabbed 4 for me last time he was at Target). Yogos on sale for $1.75, Kraft cheese on sale for $2 (plus .75/2 coupon), hangers (no sale just needed them), 2- 24pks Fun Dip Valentines for classmate valentines on sale 2/$5 plus $1 off coupon (I think that coupon came in a mailer of some sort that I received). Used one of my small gift card balances for $3.??, final total $13.74 Walgreens: needed to use that expiring Register Reward, so mainly got valentines for my family. I always make each of the kids a little bag of Valentine treats/gifts, and Daniel of course. I used a bunch of the Walgreens Coupons from this week's ad on the Valentine stuff, and the cereal was $1.99 per box. Spent $8.

2:29 PM

Free Kids Yoplait

Courtesy of Emily, who still can't post here for some reason.


2:08 PM


75% off "home accents" starting today. From what I've heard it's sort of an unadvertised/unmarked sale. But, all of the decorative type of stuff like baskets, vases, etc should ring up 75% off.

11:39 AM


Not much time to do deals this week. I just wanted to point out that Walgreens has 12pks of Angel Soft TP for 2/$6, I believe there is also a 50 cent coupon out to make $2.50 for 12 rolls. I doubt they will have any left by the time I get around to stopping in there.

7:21 AM

Banana Republic 70% off sale

Tons of cute stuff at the Banana Republic 70% off sale. I don't believe I've ever bought anything there before. Now that I've seen the 70% off prices, I do believe I will...someday. Today, is not that day. I'm almost 7 months pregnant and can't even think about wearing anything cute right now, so what is the point in spending money on myself. Perhaps next time this sale comes around.

3:25 PM

My Gymbo Cart

***Gymbucks started EARLY. I read on my bargain board that it had already started. So, I went to my cart and started to checkout and sure enough it had the spot for me to enter and redeem my Gymbucks. So, I got everything I wanted. Nothing had disappeared from my cart yet. So, if you are reading this, go redeem now!
Here is what I'm HOPING to get at Gymboree with my Gymbucks. Chances are, I won't be able to snag them all before they start disappearing from my cart. But, a girl can dream right? I already had to add more baby boy clothes because the super cute red coat that I was going to order for B for next year sold out today. Oh well. I wonder what time I can use my Gymbucks. Midnight EST maybe? If I am awake at 11pm CST, I think I'll give it a try. I don't suppose it would be midnight PST. For those who like to see the numbers. Full Gymboree retail price of these pieces is approx $230. Price with sales and my $50 Gymbuck will be $50. Wish me good bargain luck :)

1:24 PM

Kroger Deals this Week

In our region there are some good 10/$10 sales this week at Kroger. The right coupon (50c doubled) always makes these things free, if there are coupons out. I loaded up on a TON of groceries for a very low total today. Some highlights. There were more things that would have been free with coupons, but nothing I was interested in. Check HERE for more sale/coupon match-ups

Nabisco Snak Saks $1. No coupon, but I always load up when these are $1 and use them for school snacks

Softsoap $1. There are .35 coupons which tripled at my Kroger to make these free

Chex Mix $1. There are .50 coupons which doubled to make these free

Goldfish crackers $1. No coupon, but we go through a lot of them, so I loaded up

Sherbert $1.

Giant bags of TX Grapefruits, and seedless navel oranges: $5

3lb bags of onions: $1

Bagged Salad, coleslaw, or lettuce shreds: $1

***Edited to add: Special K cereals and cereal bars are also on sale 4/$10 plus there are $1/2 coupons out, plus you get a free 24 pack of bottled water when you buy 4.

12:58 PM

Gymbucks Redemption

If you have Gymbucks this cycle don't forget to use them. Redemption starts Thursday.

11:44 AM

CVS Printable Thread

To answer a question from the previous post...

I print my CVS $/$$ printables from here:

I just keep the thread bookmarked as they update it regularly.

11:54 AM

Bargain Highs and Bargain Lows

Bargain Low: Some times I just want to hang up my bargain hunting. Usually, Target is the source of that feeling. Today was no exception. They really are not very "coupon friendly" on the store level. But at the corporate level they are great. This creates a problem. Corporate puts out great Target Web Coupons and sets no limits on the printing/usage of them. They also have a policy of 1 Target and 1 Manufacturer coupon per item, which makes for some great match-ups. However, at the store level, about half of the managers and cashiers treat you like a criminal if you are using more than one coupon no matter whether you have a cart full of items or not.

They also tend to make up new rules out of the blue. Like today, I went in to get 10 boxes of Electrasol, with 10 Electrasol coupons. They had a TON of Electrasol in the store in 3 different large displays. So, they decided that their store policy of 4 identical Target printables now applies to manufacturer coupons also. This seems kind of strange since the manufacturer coupons are being fully reimbursed to Target by the manufacturer. So, they are only costing themselves money by not letting me buy 10 boxes. But, whatever. So they rang my whole order up wrong, overcharged me for boxes I didn't buy, stole 2 of my coupons and didn't credit me for them. And, generally treated me like a coupon criminal (despite my perfectly legal rule abiding coupon usage). I ended up having to go up to customer service just to get my transaction straightened out. Not worth it for 4 boxes of Electrasol (now for 10 boxes, would have been worth it). Ugh. I'll just get the others next time I'm driving by there. Until the Huggies deal, I had essentially stopped Target bargain shopping for 6 months due to the same type of chronic mistreatment on the store level. Spent about $5.
Bargain High: CVS. I needed to use some ECB's that were expiring today. I was going to do the Pepsi deal, and the Soy Joy deal, because I would have made $8, to buy the Soy Joy bars. But, they were out of Soy Joys. So, I was just getting the Pepsi in order to use/roll my ECB's when I saw 1 lonely little Countour monitor on the shelf. So, I grabbed it. I got my favorite cashier as usual, and using my ECB's, a $4/20 coupon, and a manufacturer Contour coupon (making it free plus earning a 9.99 ECB), I spent $3 and got back $19.99 in ECB's. Quick, painless, friendly transaction.

I wish our "other" Target wasn't quite so far from our house. I would just shop there instead of my close Target. But, I'm not driving past my Target which I pass every couple of days, to waste the gas going 10 minutes farther to a friendlier Target.

2:38 PM

Final Huggies Photo

This will probably be the last post for the week. I said I would post a photo when the Huggies deal ended. I've already used some of the things that we got. But, here is what is left. Total spent on diapers...$44, Total spent on wipes and bath products...approx $10-15. I didn't realize how crazy it was until I saw the photo. If this stuff wasn't so quickly consumable in our household, you would be calling a psychologist on me. Trust me, the diapers will be gone in about 3 months, and the wipes will be gone in 9-12 months. The wipes are stacked 2 rows deep on the shelf.

11:59 AM

My Old Navy Haul

So, I'm back from Old Navy. The selection wasn't awesome, but it wasn't terrible either. I think I did well. Spent $67.99, for 19 items including tax. They were all 75% off, so full price would have been $270. Here is the breakdown...

B-Fleece zip up hoodie, 2 t-shirts, 2 jeans, 1 fleece pants-$24 total
Baby stuff- 2 fleece hoodies, 2 fleece pants, 1 jammies, 1 romper, 2 knit pants-
$19 total
J-2 shirts, she's hit the motherload of jeans due to B's growth spurt-$5 total
2 t-shirts for me-$7 total
L-cute dress, probably should have passed though, $6

11:41 AM

Target Toy Clearance 75% off

I was not planning on going to this sale, but my nephew's birthday get together is this weekend. So, on my way to Old Navy I stopped in. It was very picked over, but I was able to get 2 good gifts for 75% off (had to get 2 things because the prices were SO LOW I would have felt badly if I only spent $5 on his gift LOL) So, if you need toys, check your Target clearance.

3:39 PM

Old Navy Double Clearance

It is being said that tomorrow is the big Old Navy sale where they drag out all of the clearance and take another 50% off the lowest marked price (some say that it will only be another 25% off this year). Big time sale, super low prices (like $1-$3 low). We are in need of a lot of kids jeans/t-shirts around here. So, I will definitely be there early tomorrow morning. I need to check what time our store opens. Maybe I'll see you there.

7:05 AM

Today Ends the Huggies Deal

Well, today is it. The end of the Huggies Target printable. If you need any more Huggies products, go today. I am DONE. So, I will not be stopping in today. My final totals are on the sidebar.

4:00 PM

Target and Walgreens 1/8

I was not in a bargain shopping mood today, but I had an hour between picking up kids, and I was driving right past Target and Walgreens, so I stopped in to fill the time.Walgreens: $5 register reward printed on $15 worth of Skippy Peanut Butter (we go through a lot, and the coupon clippers had a limit on how many Peter Pan coupons I could order, so even though these were not as good a deal, I got them anyway.) I was there to pick up 5, 8oz Hand Sanitizers. For buying 5, I will get $10 back on this month's easy saver rebate. 5 only cost $7.50, so a $2.50 profit. That rolls in to make my peanut butter cheaper (in my mind). So, I spent around $22.50 total, but $15 of that comes back. So, if you are figuring net cost...$7.50.
Until the 10 Electrasol coupons I ordered arrive, I only had 1 to use. I figured since the Huggies sale ends in 2 days, and I had some printed $3/2's still in with my coupons, I might as well use them. Especially since I still had time to waste before gettting B, and our Target and Walgreens are next to each other. So, I got 4 more tubs, 4 more travel packs, and my Electrasol (sale 3/$8). Used 4- $3/2 Huggies coupons, 1- $1 Huggies coupon, 1-$2.25 Electrasol coupon. Final cost: $1.47, paid with one of my many Target gift cards (I've still got $30 in gift cards from the Oust Candles and the cases of Diapers), so spent: ZERO. Zero is always fun. That's 2 days in a row. CVS was zero yesterday.

1:40 PM

CVS Today 1/7

I didn't have time to do a big bargain shop today, because I had a Dr. appointment. I did stop at CVS on the way home though and pick up a few things. Total: -11 cents. So, zero.

The Christmas clearance was 90% off, and the cranberry was on it (expiring Feb 2009).

So, I got
10 cans of Ocean Spray Cranberry (90% off=.13 cents)
2 Kids Plaster Paint-a-frame sets (90% off=.39 cents)
2 Giant Glue sticks (requested by B's teacher 2.19 each)
2 packs of pencils (requested by B's teacher 1.69 each)
1 Fructis 13 oz shampoo (2.99, and used $1 coupon)
1 Excedrin Extra Strength 24ct (1.99 sale and used $2 coupon=free)
1 Bayer 24ct plus bonus box free (1.99 sale and used $2 coupon=free)

Also used a $5/$15 coupon, and $6 ECB

Total: zero, new ECB's generated $9 (6 of that was my fall quarter ECB, 3 was from the Fructis and the Excedrin)

7:26 AM

Be Back Later

I'm off to the Dr. this morning, but will try to grab a few bargains later today, and report back.

I ordered a few coupons last night...$1/1 Peter Pan peanut butter, which will supposedly be free many places with the coupon due to sales (to repair their reputation), and $2.25 off Electrasol, because I need to stock up, and it will be very cheap if not free depending on the sales.

I ordered from the coupon clippers, which is where I normally order from, when I do need to order.

11:54 AM

Next Week's Coupons

There will be a TON of coupons in next week's paper. Make sure you get one...or a few.
Here is a link to the list of them. I am going to be all over the $2.25 off Electrasol. We use the tabs, and my stash is woefully low. Time to stock up.

1:59 PM

Free Chick-fil-a

Free chicken biscuit at Chick-fil-a, and a slim chance at a gift card worth $100.

1:57 PM

Another Diaper Deal (in case someone needs it)

Babies R Us- 15% off any one baby item...plus $10 gift card with purchase of 2 boxes of Huggies or Pampers. Click here