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Walgreens $10 off $30!!! ~ Friday only

This is a good one. I may have to stop in tomorrow even though I am going to be swamped.
Click here for the coupon.

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8 stops

So, I never have time to bargain shop anymore with the whole "4 kids" business. In fact, I barely leave the house. Also, with gas prices, I like to consolidate everything into one trip since all my stores are bunched together on the same road. So, I waited until Daniel got home Thursday night and went on a whirlwind run for 3 hours alone. I'll try to post earlier in the week next time, I know this doesn't leave a lot of time for anyone wanting to copy the deals. 9 stops...

1. Bank: deposited $30 in little checks that I had hanging around

2. CVS:3 boxes of Flavor Ice $1 each on sale
2 Deodorant 2/$6 earns $2 ECB and I had 75 cent coupons on each (I think)
Colgate 360 toothbrush: $3.99 earns $3.99 in ECB
Dial 3 pack: 1.99 Earns $1 ECB had a 60 cent coupon
Almay I-color eye shadow: $6.99 earns $5.99 ECB had $1 coupon
Wrapping paper for B's birthday (not pictured)- $3.99
Total: Just over $25- $5/$25 coupon-$3.10 manufacturer coupons- $7 ECB used Paid: $10 Earned $12 in new ECB

3. Gymboree: Returned baby gifts from mom (I had SO much newborn boy stuff). Got $100 on a Gymboree Store Credit for later use...like when he grows out of this stuff and needs new clothes.

4. Randalls/Safeway:Tomatoes: 1.50/lb vine ripe
TX sweet onions: 88c/lb
Bread: 1.89 each
6 Hallmark cards: 99c each (buy 3 get a free case of coke)
4 cases soda: Buy 2 Get 2 free plus get 24 pack Dasani free
1 free case of Dasani
3 boxes Capri Sun: 1.99 each (I had a $5 off coupon left from Team Snack Promo)
*Disclaimer...don't get the A&W like I did, get all coke...it screwed up my deal and I ended up paying for 1 box of soda instead of zero boxes. It could have been 4 free cokes and a water with just the purchase of the 6 99 cent Hallmark cards if I had done it right.
Final total: $20

5. Walgreens: I should have gone Friday to use the $5 coupon...but I had $20 in RR's expiring Thursday night and I didn't want to take the chance of losing the free $20. Total: $21.xx-$20 RR- Paid: $1.xx

6. Gas station (wanted to fill up before Memorial Day price spike): 10 cent/gallon Kroger discount. $3.61 per gallon...$68 ouch.

7. Kroger: Too many coupons used and deals to mention. Go read the Kroger section at Hot Coupon World if you are interested. However, I will mention that I did the diaper deal again.Get $4 instant deduction on $20 in Huggies products. Limit 2 deals per transaction. I get the Huggies coupons in the mail...so I had a ton. Also, you can currently send in for a $5 rebate when you buy 3 packages of Huggies.
2 bags Pull-ups: $9.49 each
2 bags diapers: $9.49 each
1 Oatmeal and Shea butter wash: $2.99
Total: $40.95-$8 instant deduction-$8 Huggies Coupons-$5 Huggies Rebate
Final Total: $19.95 under $5 per jumbo pkg...not bad.

8. Chick-fil-a: Had a coupon for a free shake. $0, then I bought one extra to be nice to Daniel. So, 2 for the price of 1, I suppose.

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$5 Walgreens coupon ~ Friday only


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Win a Nintendo DS

Only 100 total entries allowed. So, you have a 1/100 chance. Not too bad.

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$31 in coupons

Go to Start Sampling to get a $31 Home Made Simple coupon book.

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Disney Shopping

Disney Shopping (formerly Disneystore.com) is currently running free shipping on $50+ purchases...code: SHIP50. Also, 2 free admissions to the new Narnia movie with $75 purchases...code:NARNIA. B chose to go ice skating & to the new Narnia movie for her birthday this week. So, I needed to buy tickets anyway. My girls also all needed new swimsuits for this summer. So, I killed 2 birds with one stone. Luckily they had a couple of more "mature" styles for B, because she wanted a Disney suit like her sisters, but she didn't want it to be too babyish. I got great prices on J&L's suits, and ordered 4 nice beach towels for $6.99 each. I LOVE Disney beach towels, and always pick some up on sale when they are available at this price. They are NICE towels. Here is my order...

Fairies Racerback Swimsuit Size : 5 $9.99
Ariel Postcard Greetings Beach Towel $6.99
Little Einsteins Swim Trunks for Infants Size : 12M $3.99
Fairies Postcard Greetings Beach Towel $6.99
Princess 2-Pc. Tankini Swimsuit Size : 6 $19.50
Fairies Beach Towel $6.99
Disney Family Postcard Greetings Beach Towel $6.99
Fairies Racerback Swimsuit Size : 2 $9.99
Jo Jo Costume Size : XXS $3.99
Free Shipping & Free Narnia tickets

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Free Teddy Grahams sample


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Today's bargains

L woke up at 5am today, so we decided to just go and do the grocery shopping together...at 6am

Today at Kroger, I got a few noteworthy deals. I almost wish I had ordered pasta coupons.

Barilla pasta is 10/$10. The thing is...that includes the whole grain and the Piccolino. There are coupons for those in the 5/4 Smart Source (SS) insert, and my Kroger doubles to 50 cents. So, I got 2 of the whole grain for free, and 2 of the Piccolino for 50 cents.

If you get the personal coupons sent every month from Kroger, I got a 50 cent on Hamburger buns, which were $1 also, so the coupon doubled=free buns. I also got a coupon for a free box of Cheerios in the ones they sent me this month.

Lunchables. I wouldn't normally buy them, but they are $1 for the small ones, and the 4/27 SS insert had $1 off 3, so I got 3 for $2.

Bounty basic paper towels: single rolls are $1. the 4/6 and 5/4 P&G inserts had 25 cent off any bounty basic coupons, which triple to 75 cents...so .25 per roll.

Pringles are $1, and there was a $1 off of 3 in the 5/4 P&G insert. So, 3/$2. I got 6, since I had 2 coupons.

Huggies. The register will deduct $4 instantly with the purchase of $20 in Huggies products. I had lots of coupons from the Huggies mailers that they send out. So...I got 2 bags of 2t-3t pullups, and a baby soap. The diapers & pull-ups were $9.49, the soap was $2.99. So, $21.97-$4.50 in coupons-$4 instant deduction= $13.47. I'm thinking I should have done this twice and gotten 4 bags since I have plenty of coupons. Oh well.

6:10 PM

I'm behind on bargains

I'm having a pathetic run at bargain hunting lately. I did make one run to Walgreens this week to get a ton of free Mr. Clean wipes. I could have done a lot of other deals, but didn't have the mojo.

I paid off my freezer this month. Yay for me. It only took me 2 payments, and I did it out of my grocery budget with a little bit thrown in from my job.

Now on to my next fun challenge. I try my best not to spend money out of our regular account. This helps my husband maximize our debt payments every month. Having 3 kids and spending 5 years in grad school has a way of racking up the debt. Luckily, that phase of life is over. So, I work part time from home, and I add those checks to my personal spending account, where my grocery & gas budget are also deposited every 2 weeks.

So what is my new fun challenge? We decided that with all the medical bills from having baby X (just his NICU bill for 3 night/4 days was $29,000, not to mention my c-section bill plus 4 nights in the hospital...thank goodness for good insurance), we could not really afford to take a vacation this summer. So, I decided to finance a little vacation myself. I'm planning to do this by amping up my bargain hunting for the next couple of months, and working quite a few shifts during the late afternoon/early evening, in a supervisory capacity over the next month or so.

I got a great deal on a new 3 bedroom/ 3 bath condo at a resort in Destin FL. So, I booked it for 5 nights. I'm hoping my parents will be able to join us. If you are looking for a great deal...go here. I only paid $179 per night, which for 3bdrm/3 bath and brand new is awesome. The great prices are only good for a few more days though. So, if you happen to want to go...book now. Oh and it comes with a $50-$100 gift card for 5-7 night stays.

Hopefully, I will have some deals to post as I embark on my goal to raise the $1k I need to pay for this hotel stay.

2:08 PM


*Edited to add: We stopped by and got 16 boxes of Capri Sun at a net of .75 per box. I got 8, then sent Daniel in to get me 8 more. The shelves were amply stocked. I also got 4 boxes of granola bars. X has a Dr appt this week which will require me to drive past Randalls again. I will probably grab about 8 more then.

Remember the score 4 promo? It's back. Time to load up on some more Capri Sun and Quaker Granola Bars. Yeah!

So, you know the deal. Buy 4 participating items, get a $5 catalina coupon "off your next order", then roll, roll, roll it. Buy 4 more, use your $5 coupon, and so on.

*Do you know what wasn't a bargain today? The $71 it cost to fill my gas tank! My groceries for the week only ran me $75. That's just crazy.

8:05 PM

Walgreens Rebate

If you do the Walgreens monthly rebates you may be interested to know that you can now fill out your rebate online in all 50 states. It was so easy!