7:05 AM

*Don't forget your $1.50 Cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory today.

*We were in CVS yesterday trying to burn our remaining ECB's so they didn't expire while we are on vacation. My daughter B asked me to please explain to her what "bucks" were and why I was trying to spend them. I told her I would explain later because I was wrestling 2 irritable babies. Sure enough she came into my room last night and said, "Mama, now can you explain to me about the Extra Care Bucks?" She's a coupon queen in training. She seemed satisfied by the explanation.

*Enter a quick and easy instant win at Nestle.

*6 $1 Cheerios coupons here.

5:10 AM

Today's Freebies

Items of interest from the Centsible Sawyer.

Get a free year of PC World here. On a related note my free subscription to Woman's Day has already started arriving. I forgot how much I enjoy that magazine.

Go here to get a free Juicy Juice sippy cup.

Go here to get a free sample of Oatmeal Raisin Crisp cereal. This is my favorite cereal. Speaking of cereal...I made granola from scratch last Saturday, and have been eating it as my cereal all week. It is delicious. The recipe I used/tweaked only involved oats, applesauce, honey, Cheerios, and a tiny bit of butter and brown sugar.

12:57 PM

Walgreens Today

I basically got all of these free at 2 different Walgreens today. It was thrilling. Especially since I was completely out of training pants. Now I've got enough to last the duration of potty training. For those new to couponing, who find this all too difficult and confusing...I'm going to walk through it step by step, since this was a very easy transaction.
*I also picked up 2 little Cutter bug repellants and 2 sure deodorants. Tear out the Sure and Cutter coupons out of the July Easy Saver book pictured below, and get the Cutter coupon (6/15 Smart Source insert) and the Sure coupon (6/29 Smart Source insert). That combination will make the above items free. Ignore that part if you just want the diapers/training pants.

Here's what you do...get 3 bags of Walgreens diapers/training pants on sale this week for $5.99 per jumbo pack. You're going to want these 2 booklets pictured below. The Easy Saver catalog is always on the rack with the weekly ads at the front of the store. The other booklet is available by asking at the pharmacy counter.These are the 2 coupons in question that you want to use (one is technically a manufacturer coupon, the easy saver I think, and one is a store coupon. You can use 1 manufacturer and one store coupon combined per item)So, you get your 3 bags of diapers/training pants @$5.99 each...have them scan the 2 coupons (they don't normally need to keep the Walgreens coupons so you should just be able to keep them), and your total will go down to around $4.84 (it will deduct $2 per bag for one coupon, and $2.50 per bag for the other coupon)...then you pay. Along with your receipt will print out a $5 Register reward. It will look like these...Your Register Reward is good on the purchase of basically anything at Walgreens (except things like alcohol, lottery tickets, etc).

Rinse and repeat as many times as you wish. Just don't use your $5 RR to buy more diapers. You can...but if you use one to repeat the same "deal" that you earned the RR on, a new $5 RR won't print out at the end. Of course that's your choice.

I did 6 bags at my Walgreens (she gave me an extra $5 RR even though I told her to go ahead and rip it up or take it back because I wasn't supposed to get an extra one. It was a register issue from her having to correct my total after we found the missing Pharmacy coupon book).

Then, I was on such a bargain high that I bribed my children to let me run into one more Walgreens down the street by letting them each pick out a candy item from the 2nd Walgreens. Worked like a charm. I got 6 more bags at the 2nd Walgreens and basically just paid for the $1.50 worth of candy the kids got.

Total Out of Pocket expense...around $18. Remaining: $25 worth of Register Rewards, i.e. free money to spend at Walgreens. In a nutshell about $100 worth of diapers for free. It was a fun morning.

8:24 AM

Repeat Diaper Deal

Today I will attempt to repeat the Walgreens Diaper Deal of 2 weeks ago. This time with training pants. I'm all the way out of training pants.

12:59 PM

Old Navy Update

This is my favorite find. A nice dark pleated denim skirt, with navy cotton attached under shorts ($3.50) and a cute little white eyelet top ($5). What is it about paying $8.50 for this outfit that makes me love it even more than I would have otherwise?
All 4 peas and I rocked the Old Navy sale bright and early this morning. It was a miserable hour with L throwing epic tantrums, and X being more irritable than usual (he's a man and he hates shopping already). I would not have done it for any other reason than the semi-annual clearance of the clearance sale. It was worth all the gray hairs I acquired in that hour. The big kids needed back to school stuff (we need warm weather clothes 9 months a year here), and I had exactly 2 pairs of shorts that were not maternity. I was a desperate woman. I told B&J what size to look for on the rack, and had them give me everything they wanted that was in their size(s). They were enjoying the freedom to buy whatever their hearts desired. Everything that didn't look like it belonged on a hooker, we bought. B kept handing me strapless tops, because she thought they were skirts. She could not understand why they would make shirts with no arms. I can't really understand it either, at least not for elementary school aged children.L didn't need much (as she's not going back to school and has endlessly stuffed drawers due to having 2 sisters). I did get her beach shoes for our trip ($2.50) and this cute skirt ($3.50) and sweater ($2.50). B's stuff. My favorite are the 2 shirts on the right.J's stuff. My favorite is the outfit on the right.Yay! Some everyday clothes for me (I still need more shirts, but didn't have time to browse). I bought every pair of bottoms they had in a size 0-2...for $6.50 each!!! The white things are a pair of lounge pants which I am currently lounging in. They are my new favorite pants. If I could wear them out in public I would have bought 10 pairs and worn them everyday (especially at the price of $3.50).

Total spent: $115...(29 items)
average price per item: $3.96 (some double that, some half that)

Cons of the sale: I did not see anything cute for baby X. The boys items were slim pickings in general, as was the size 2t for L. The bottoms were somewhat slim pickings for the big girls also. So, I will just need to pick up a couple of pairs of shorts or capris for them to balance out their existing wardrobes for back to school. Luckily they still have quite a few bottoms that fit nicely. I also still need to get them new school shoes.

8:31 AM

Old Navy

Rumor has it that the Old Navy 50% additional reduction off already clearanced merchandise sale is on. The trick is...it's only on at stores with a certain amount of clearance inventory that needs to be eliminated. I'm going to call my store and find out (though I'm told they may lie and say it's not on). I may need to go down and check myself.

8:30 AM

U.S. News & World Report

Here is a free subscription to US News & World Report.

2:08 PM

Do you love Etsy?

Some day, when I have more free time...yeah that will probably never happen...I would love to have an Etsy shop. I do so love the crafts. Unfortunately, I'm a busy girl. In the meantime, if you love Etsy, and you love a bargain, check out this blog with Etsy coupon codes from Etsy sellers.

2:08 PM

Free Box of Cheerios

Get a free box of Cheerios here.

10:17 AM

Safeway Summer Savings Continued

I stopped in for another round of the summer savings promo. I'm up to a very large stack of cake mixes, LOL. I also needed some frozen veggies, and they counted toward the promo. So, even though they were not a great deal (they were the normal price I would pay) I got them anyway.

4 frosted flakes & Pop Tarts (they were out of mini wheats) (4/$6 super coupon)
2 Sprite bottles 6pk (2/$3 super coupon)
5 Green Giant frozen veggies ( 3/$6)
6 cheetos & fritos... (3/$5)
4 BC cake mix (4/$5)
4 BC frosting ($1.50 each)

Total: approx $40.00 - $20 Coupon -(4-.50 frosting coupons doubled) $4 =
paid $16+ got a new $20 coupon

6:03 AM

Office Depot

I noticed in the ad yesterday that Office Depot is having a 1 cent sale this week. I usually only hear about these at Staples. Since we don't have a Staples...I've never gotten in on them. Normally, I get the school supplies through the weekly Target sales that happen during the latter half of the summer. I'm going to have Daniel run in on his way to work. Hopefully they won't be totally sold out already. Not being a Sunday shopper puts a huge kink in the bargain hunting, since most sales start Sunday and are usually ravaged by Monday morning. Here is what is on sale...

12 packs of pencil toppers (limit 5),
6" protractors (limit 5),
2 pocket folders (limit 20),
rulers (limit 5)

1:38 PM

Free Sammie and Free Red Robin

Thanks to The Centsible Sawyer...

Free Sammie from Quiznos.

Free Burger on your birthday (sign up your whole family if you want) from Red Robin.

12:41 PM


If you like Cheesecake...the Cheesecake Factory is offering the price of $1.50 on all varieties of their cheesecake on July 30th. Some sort of anniversary type of thing. So stop in for some cheesecake, or take it to go. You can't beat that price for Cheesecake Factory cheesecake.

8:08 PM

Free Crazy Bread

Free crazy bread if you have a little Caesar's. (from the Centsible Sawyer)

3:32 PM

Update on Safeway/Randalls

I'm home. I got the items that I was trying to get...and an eye exam. The price was not super cheap, but I do now have a $20 coupon to roll for the rest of the 3 week deal. My deals will be more impressive for the duration of the sale. I'm so mad because I realized that with the milk and bread I bought...my total was just over $50, and I could have used a $5 off $50 coupon from my Entertainment book...doh!

4 frosted mini wheats...6 (4/$6 super coupon)
2 coke bottles 6pk...3 (2/$3 super coupon)
5 Kleenex...7.50 (2/$3)
6 cheetos & fritos...10 (3/$5)
8 BC cake mix...10 (4/$5)

Total: $36.50...and a $20 coupon (could have been $31.50 if I had been smarter)

6:03 AM

Fast Out of the Gate

I have an eye Dr appt this morning, and want to be fast out of the gate for the first day of this 20 day Randalls Promo. I'm sure I'll hear about better deals/coupon match-ups by checking Hot Coupon World after the first couple of days. Until then...I want to get in on the super coupons for this week (my kids go crazy for mini-wheats easily eating 2 boxes per week). So, here's what I'm shooting for today...

25 participating items...earns $20 off your next order Catalina coupon

4 frosted mini wheats...6 (4/$6 super coupon)
2 coke bottles 6pk...3 (2/$3 super coupon)
5 Kleenex...7.50 (2/$3)
6 cheetohs...10 (3/$5)
8 BC cake mix...10 (4/$5)

I'm going to check the Betty Crocker fruit snacks and Green Giant frozen veggies prices and for peelie coupons or blinkie coupons...I'll do 25 more on the fly if anything interesting arises. I'll report back later.

10:53 AM

Hallelujah...a new Randalls/Safeway Promo

Word on the street is that there is a new Randalls promo running from tomorrow 7/9-7/29. Sounds like it will be the same as the good ole "Rally to Savings". I remember the Rally fondly. I ended up with 50 boxes of cereal, tons of frozen veggies, dozens of cans of tomatoes, dozens of boxes of granola bars and fruit snacks. My grocery stockpile has been dwindling, and I'm ready for a new promo. I'm not sure what items will be on this one (and I hope Randalls participates), but the old deal was buy 25 items, get a $20 catalina for your next shopping trip, and we rolled and rolled until the deal was over. Check your grocery ads tonight/tomorrow for details.

12:29 PM

Free year of More Magazine

Free Year of More Magazine

3:21 PM

Free 20 oz Coke Zero

This is a new Coke Rewards item. If you drink coke...sign up for coke rewards. When signed in...search for taste of victory...0 points. Press redeem, and voila...they will send you your free 20oz Coke Zero (coupon I assume).

Now, if only they would make Caffeine Free Coke with Lime...I would be happy.

4:29 PM


Today only there is a $4/$20 CVS coupon. You would have had it emailed to you if it is activated on your card. You can use the instructions at I Heart CVS to check if you didn't get an email. I did not get an email and used those instructions to find out that I did indeed have one issued to me.

I had $16.50 in ECB's. So, I did 2 Coppertone Water Babies spray sunblock at $9.99 (which I needed), 40 ct OB tampons, and 1 Crest toothpaste. There were ECB's back on all of these items. There was an OB coupon in last Sunday's inserts. I had a $1 Crest coupon from a mailer of some sort. Final total was $3.xx, and I earned $12.50 in new ECB's.

2:46 PM

Free Walgreens Diapers

I am not one to buy generic diapers...I always buy Huggies or Pampers as long as I can get them for $5 per jumbo pack or less. But it doesn't really count as buying them, when they were free. So, I got 6 bags of diapers for negative 32 cents total. I planned to buy the kids water guns while I was there...so I used my Register Rewards that printed on the diapers, since I was going to spend that $ anyway.

I don't feel like retyping the details. So here is the info from the Bargain Hunter Lady.

"Buy 3 packages of Walgreens brand Jumbo diapers–on sale for $5.99 this week

Use $5/2 EasySaver coupon–this should take $2.50 off each pack of diapers
Use $2/1 Savings Book coupon–this should take $2 off each pack of diapers
Spend $4.47 plus tax out of pocket
Get $5 Register Rewards back
Free after coupons and Register Rewards!"

So I just pulled out the coupon from the July Easy Saver book at the front of the store...got the 3 packs I wanted...she rang me up...then she pulled the extra Savings book coupon out from under the register and scanned it (I didn't even ask when I didn't find it near the pharmacy counter). My total was $4.84 and a $5 Register Reward printed. I repeated one more time. Then, I used my Register Rewards to pay for the water guns.

5:27 PM

Lucky Search

I don't think I've ever done one of these types of prize earning things before. You basically earn your choice of a bunch of different prizes (all around $250) by accomplishing the items listed below this post. I thought since Angie at Frugal Freelancer did it...I would give this one a try just for fun. She always manages to earn these things. Angie started my bargain hunting obsession 7 years ago when I saw her on the Today show and joined her mailing list. I've been following her awesome skills every since. Want to give it a try with me? Click the picture above. I'm shooting for the $250 Lowe's gift card to work on some house projects. If you're a blogger...post your personalized link on your blog and I'll bet you can do this too.

The way that I remember to do the required 1 search per day for the 2 consecutive days after joining...I go to the main page for Lucky Search in this case, then drag it up to my browser toolbar so that I can see it. When I'm done with the 2 day requirement...I just remove it from my toolbar. That is how I earned a big box of free Playskool toys from Cafe Mom last year.

  1. To get your Free Luck Prize, you must add 10 Eligible friends to your Personal Network. Eligible friends will be noted by a legend on the Account page.
  2. To be deemed eligible, your friends must have at least 10 people in their Personal Network, and they must be validated and active members, which means that they sign in and do at least one search on LuckySearch.com in 2 consecutive days following their registration.

4:52 PM

Ponds towelette sample

Free Ponds towelette sample

4:50 PM

Free Huggies Sample

Free Huggies diapers & wipes sample.

4:48 PM

50 Free Prints & Photo Mug

Get a snapfish account (free) through Publix here...and get 50 free prints and a free photo mug. I think this is today only.