3:31 PM

Free Cascade

Free Cascade All-in-One sample and a bonus free magic eraser.

12:22 PM

Freebies and Coupons 8/29

Free Secret Clinical Sample

*Wear any team logo into Chick-fil-a on Monday and get a free 3 count chicken strips. They changed the recipe. My mom prefers the old recipe. I'm neutral. They're different, not better, not worse, still good, just different...in my opinion.

$10 off of $40 purchase Walgreens coupon (good today and tomorrow). These haven't really been worth my time since they changed the wording to "after coupons", but perhaps you have a use for it.

5:19 PM

I'm Baaaaaack!

My bargain for today...I paid $3.29 per gallon for gas. I can't believe that I am happy about that price. I vividly remember paying 89 cents per gallon one glorious summer when B was an infant.

I have altered my grocery saving strategy slightly in the past few months to suit my busy level. I thought I might point this out as a tip for others who may be too busy at times to stalk the coupon deals. I've been shopping at the grocery store in my area that I've deemed to have the lowest prices (HEB) all around (not considering sales and coupons)and I've shopped there using the sale ad only and whatever coupons I have time to grab, if any. So far this has been working. It has prevented my grocery budget from skyrocketing despite rising prices, and my lack of time for hunting the bargains. The bargains I might add, have seemed few and far between lately, making it not as fulfilling to spend time hunting.

I'll be back with more bargains later.

3:49 PM

Comment and Article

Here is a comment from reader "Kelly", left on my last post. She was looking for feedback from other readers, so I thought she would get more feedback if I started up a new post rather than leaving her comment dwindling in the comment section.

"Thought you and the other readers would enjoy this article: http://www.star-telegram.com/408/story/784987.html However, I would like to know your experience regarding meat coupons on the beer and wine aisle. I shop Kroger in the same metro area as the woman in the article and checked the wine section today (forgot that the article also said beer). No coupons! Have you ever noticed them?"

In answer to your question, Kelly...I've never gone down the wine and beer aisle. Tragic I know, but since we don't consume alcohol...it never occurred to me to check there. Thanks for the tip. I'll start cruising through that aisle and post here if I find anything of interest. Anyone else? Feel free to comment if you have experiences to share.

7:32 AM

Deal Spice

Okay, my last name has been removed from my articles. You are welcome to click on over to Deal Spice, and read them there. I'll be back to writing here (and possibly still there simultaneously) soon.

4:32 PM

Where are the bargains?

I am on a little unexpected break from bargain blogging. I'm bargain blogging on another site for the next week, and I only have so many ideas each day, LOL. I'll be back...hopefully soon. I promise.

2:10 PM

More Free Magazines

Recycled Sticky Notes free sample.

Free year of Family Fun magazine. I love this magazine. I have gotten it free for a year several times. I am currently in the middle of a 3 year subscription that I got for $4 through a discounter, because when my last free subscription ran out, I couldn't find another free year offer anywhere.

Free year of Pink magazine.

7:54 AM

Free Lego Magazine Subscription

Free Lego Magazine Subscription. Click on your country on the right side of the screen.

3:35 PM

Walgreens Kelloggs Deal

I restocked my house with groceries today. The kids have been making it impossible to bargain hunt at full capacity, so I just mainly used the sale ads, and clipped a few coupons. I got all of my produce, dairy, and meat from HEB. Items of note...baby back ribs $2.79/lb, pork tenderloin $2.97/lb, seedless grapes 99c/lb, and vine ripe tomatoes $1.99/lb (they haven't been much cheaper all summer).

Kroger has Blue Bell Ice Cream (half gallon) for $3.99. My stock up price is $3, so I only got 3. With the full price being around $5-6 lately...$3.99 was not too shabby. I also picked up free Pillsbury rolls & french loaf using the .35 cent coupons from the 7-13-08 Smart Source insert. I finally used my $2.25 off Electrasol coupon that was about to expire (on sale for $2.89). Also, buy one get one free boneless skinless chicken breasts (equates to $2.50/lb). I haven't been able to find these any cheaper recently so I caved and paid the extra 50 cents/lb over my usual stock up price of $2/lb. And finally, there have been several General Mills coupons out recently, so I used $1/2 coupon for 2 boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios at $2.69 per box (not a great price but I'm low on cereal).

Lastly, there was a special Kelloggs insert in this week's paper. It coincides with a Walgreens Register Reward Deal...

Buy $10 in participating Kelloggs products and get a $5 RR. My Walgreens was pretty cleaned out, but I did manage to get 2 boxes of Nutrigrain Bars, and 2 boxes of Special K with red berries....4/$10 minus $2 in coupons from the insert, earned $5 RR (breaks down to 4/$3 final if you want to look at it that way). Now, in the special Kelloggs insert there is a mail in rebate for $10 when you buy 10 participating products. My Walgreens was too cleared out to get 10 items though, so I passed on that for now. The rebate states that all items need to be on one receipt.

6:59 AM

I'm Back

I'm back from my vacation (paid for by bargain hunting an awesome deal on a hotel, cutting my grocery budget through coupons/deals, and working some from home). Paying for a vacation ahead of time and in cash was fun and rewarding.

Now, back to business. My house is a mess and I'm very low on groceries. Time to scour the ads, make a plan, and hit the road. I'll be back with a recap later today. Hope y'all had a great week!