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The Deals I did today...

I barely ever leave the neighborhood anymore to go shopping. When I do (about once a week), I like to do all of my stops in one trip. Today was the day. With my faithful sidekick (Grammy) guarding the kids in the minivan for my short run-ins, I embarked on a whirlwind trip.

1: Deposited checks in the bank.2: CVS: I'm totally out of Extra Care Bucks with the whole never getting out thing. The new lack of printable $/$$ coupons has put a damper on my CVSing. I'm also low on paper products. I wanted to get 4 packs of Charmin, but of course they only had one pack. So, I just did the deal with Bounty paper towels 8pk $5.49 (3) and (1) pack of 12 Charmin Big Rolls $5.99. The deal is $10 ECB back on $20 purchase of these items. Not great, but not bad.
3: Library. Kids got new books and books on CD. I paid a $9 library fine (from when a book was temporarily lost while I was busy giving birth and recovering). Not a bargain!
4: Randalls (Safeway): 99 cent ground beef!!! You can't beat that price. I also needed bread (3/$4). So I got $40 worth of ground beef for $13, and I was totally out of it too. I shouldn't need any for about 2 months now.
5: Chick-fil-a: Lunch for 5...Not a bargain!
6: Bed Bath Beyond: They didn't have the bedding I wanted in King size. Had a 20% coupon.
7: Target: 1 can of cashews, 2 12oz Kraft singles, 4 boxes Frosted Mini-wheats, 9 envelopes Kool-aid, 1 bag of baby carrots, 2 travel sized All small and mighty. Used 2 coupons from Sunday's Parade section for free cheese with purchase of 3 participating products (Kool-aid), Used 1 coupon for $3 off nuts (nuts were on sale for $3), used $1 off produce with purchase of the mini-wheats. Mini-wheats were 4/$10 plus a $5 gift card back. Used 2 $1 off All Small & Mighty any size from the 6/22 Red Plum insert. Final total $12 plus $5 gift card.

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Free Sample of Underjams

I've been thinking about getting a few of these for an upcoming vacation. My oldest has a little trouble with sleeping too deeply on occasion with unfortunate results. It seems to flare up when away from home (I think all of the activity wears her out, plus the extra drinking...it's a recipe for disaster. So, if the sample doesn't look too much like a diaper, I'm going to pick up a pack. Here's the free sample.

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Free 1 year Women's Day Subscription

For a quick survey...Click Here

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Free Summer Coupons Booklet

Free summer coupons booklet

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Free "Green" Binder Set

Free "Green" Binder Set

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Chick-fil-a July 11

Dress like cows and get free combo meals at Chick-fil-a. Find the details here.

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$1 Flip Flops

I'm not a flip flop snob. I'm totally fine with the Old Navy cheapo flip flops. This Saturday only you can buy them for $1 per pair (limit 5 per customer). If I'm out and about Saturday, I'll definitely go pick some up. My kids can never find their flip flops.

12:31 PM

Free Warm Delights Minis

Sorry, I haven't been bargain hunting much lately. I'm still trying to get back on the ball with this blog. Ideally I want to post at least an average of 1 bargain per day.

Free Warm Delights Minis

9:45 AM

For those in Texas

I should have posted this a while back, but its been busy. Today is the last day for it too. If you have an HEB near you they are having some great 5 for $5 deals. I now have my three month supply of sugar from this deal, 100+ lbs. Now I just need to get the mylar sealer to store them. You can also go to Walmart where they will match the price. They also the 3 and 8 packs of gum on the same deal. Great for your 72 hour kits if you need to put them together.

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Free Schick Intuition Razor

Free Schick Razor for entering online.

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Another $5 Friday Walgreens Coupon

I have never actually used any of the previous ones. Maybe this will be the week that I actually do it. Only time will tell. Here is the linky.

5:26 AM

If you are into fashion...

which I'm not, read this...
From freep.com,

Ever wish you could shop designer sample sales without having to leave your home or office or wherever you keep your computer?

Well, now you can!

The Web site www.editorscloset.com hosts regular sample sales on designer goods. Recent sales have included specials from Betsey Johnson, Lancel, Lalique and Sonia Rykiel.

Prices are about 30% to 75% off retail. Which means a Betsey Johnson rayon leopard halter dress that sells for $305 was available for $115, making it a fabulous deal for a woman who can pull it off.

Usually you have to be referred by a member of the site, but www.editorscloset.com is making special accommodations for Free Press readers.

Just log onto the site, click on membership and, in the space that asks for referrer's e-mail, type: detroit@editorscloset.com

Membership is free. Within minutes, you'll be able to shop, shop, shop.

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Dole Strawberries are $4.88 for a 4lb box at Randalls/Safeway. I had a $5 Randalls coupon so we got 12 lbs and made jam.

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Emily's computer is dead. But, she told me that there is some type of awesome diaper deal going on at CVS, and she ordered coupons. I think she was talking about a deal next week, but I haven't seen the details of next week. Personally, I won't pay more than $5 per jumbo pack (the regular price is somewhere in the $11 range i believe). I checked my ad. Looks like $7.99 for Pampers with $5 in ECB with the purchase of $20 for this week. So, lets see... I know I have a bunch of Pampers coupons, and my CVS gets restocked Thursday nights. I think I'll try to stop in tomorrow and see if my CVS has any in stock.

7.99 x 3 packs = $24 - $3.50 pampers coupons - $4/$20 CVS

$17...earns $5 ECB so approx $4/pack (I have some ECB's to use so my Out Of Pocket (oop) will be lower than $17. It will be around $10 for 3 packs.

When I figure out what next week's deal is, or Emily gets on here...we will post it.