10:35 AM


I didn't take a picture of this trip, because I put everything away in my constant battle to keep clutter at bay, and forgot about a photo. Anyway, CVS has quite a few good ECB deals going on this week. Noteworthy to me were...

Spend $25 on Huggies, Gerber, etc and get $10 ECB. I got 1 pack of diapers, 1 pack of Pull-ups, 4 packs of stage 2 fruit. Total...exactly $25-$3 coupons -$10 ECBs...$12 for 2 packs of diapers and 8 tubs of fruit. I paid with Extra Care bucks left from my last trip 2 weeks ago.

Also, I picked up some fall decor for 50% off. There are seasonal Halloween items like candy corn, light sticks, and pumpkin containers for free after ECB. My CVS only had the candy corn left of the free items. I loathe candy corn, but figured the kids might want it. My CVS was also out of the free Gum toothbrush 2 pack, and the free after ECB Powerade.

I was disappointed as usual, due to the ECB deals always being sold out by Monday morning. I decided to consult my favorite "Jamaican photo lady" who I now know is named Eden (thanks goodness I have a name to use for her now in my mind), about when the ECB deals roll over. I had heard it was really Saturday night, not Sunday morning. She said Saturday around 4pm they roll over and I can get the new deals. This would require checking the ad on Hot Coupon World in advance, and I have been lazy about bargain hunting for a long time now, but it would probably be worth it. I will try it next week, and let y'all know how it goes!

If you haven't joined the CVS advisor panel, you should. I got another $10 ECB for filling out a short survey that they emailed me yesterday. It was definitely worth the 5 minutes it took to fill it out.