11:51 AM

CVS & Walgreens *Ending Today

Unfortunately, I did not get around to composing any deals until this morning. And, due to the expiration dates on most of the coupons I used...most of these deals can only be had today. But, I'll post them anyway, in case you are going by these places today.Walgreens: There is an interesting Register Reward deal this week covering all of these P&G products. I had a lot of coupons for the Febreeze stuff. Basically, you get $4 RR for every $10 you spend (not counting coupons), but if you get up to $50 you get another $5 in RR extra. So, if you spend $50 (before coupons are deducted) you get $25 in Register Rewards when you check out. I had $8 in coupons good on those items also, so my total was $42, with $25 in RR's back. I also had some $ on a gift card from rebates a few months ago, which I rolled into new rebates. So the Speed Stick, Softsoap, and Suavitel, qualify for a $10 rebate (use the 99cent softsoap coupon in this week's ad to bring your cost way, way down). I got the 9 bottles of soap, 2 Suavitel, and Speed stick for $20...then used the ad coupon , which took off $4.50, and a $1 deodorant coupon. That equates to about $5 for $20 worth of stuff on that deal. If you wanted to do the deal with all softsoap, you could...and it would basically be free. The toothpaste was free after rebate, and the Dove Shampoo/Conditioner were buy one get one free, plus I had a $3 off coupon. Final Walgreens figures...spent around $45 cash, got $25 in Register Rewards, and have about $15 in rebate to send in. Not awesome, but not awful, and I needed to get out to distract myself from being 38 weeks pregnant.There is a $5/15 CVS coupon that expires today, here is the LINK
So, I did 2 transactions, one on my card and one on my husband's card.
Milk: $3.49
Ozarka 24 pack: $3.99 x 2
Speedstick: Buy 2/$5, get $3 ECB, plus I had a .75 coupon
Then I used the $5 coupon and a $5 ECB...total approx $5 got a $3 ECB back

Got 3 Spa Radiant: $4.99 each
Got .33 candy to bring my total to the $15
Used a $1 Spa Radiant coupon
Used a $5/15 coupon
Spent $9...got a $14.97 ECB back

1:49 PM

Spring Hill Nursery

$20 off of a $20 purchase at Spring Hill Nursery

This deal is listed right on their front page, upper right hand corner. It should just be automatically deducted in your shopping cart. Just pay shipping. I'm still trying to decide whether to take advantage of this deal or not. The shipping is $9.95 for approx. $20 worth of plants, from what I can see. I've got a dwarf Meyer lemon tree and a hosta in my cart. My total would be $13 if I decide to do it.

7:22 AM

Ann Taylor Loft

Ann Taylor Loft: $25 off of a $50 purchase, includes sale items. Also, includes free shipping right now. Code: 80200012. I couldn't find anything that I wanted. I guess I'm not classy enough. LOL

8:17 AM

Just What You Want to Hear...

more cereal!!!

I'm totally NOT doing this deal because I have boxes of cereal coming out of my ears right now. I physically cannot store another box of it. But, if you don't have cereal in every nook and cranny...go to Safeway/Randalls again.

Super Coupon for Kellogg's cereal 3 for $3. You can pair this with an OYNO catalina deal that is running through the 25th.

Buy 3-4: get a $3 cat
Buy 5-6: get a $6 cat
Buy 7+: get a $10 cat

When we were out running errands Saturday, we stopped in and did the Capri Sun deal. We also did Quaker Granola bars, because we go through the granola bars FAST, and normally at full price of $2-2.50 per box. So, we did 8 Capri Suns (4/$2.25 after coupon), and 8 boxes of Granola bars (4/$5 after coupon), on the score $5 deal. I went in and did 4&4, then my husband went in and did 4&4 rolling my Catalina's. I need to grocery shop today, so may try to roll those one more time.

9:09 AM

The Learning Company

***If you are going to do this...do it fast...they are running out already.

I'm a sucker for workbooks. It's the teacher in me. I hope this one ships and doesn't get canceled like my last Amazon book deal.

The Learning Company has select books marked down to $1.00. Some are "out of stock", it will let you order them and will ship them later. For free shipping, use code 1959659.

I got 8 books for $8 shipped.

8:20 AM

Capri Sun Deal

I know Randalls/Safeway seems to be my new favorite bargain location. If my CVS wasn't always wiped out of bargains, maybe things would be different. But I digress...

The new deal is called "score $5 for the team" or something like that. The dates are 3/6-3/18. There are more items involved in the deal. But the only one I really care about is restocking my quickly depleting stock of Capri Sun. Two per day equals one box every 5 days, plus providing soccer snack occasionally, and you can see how fast these things go. I'll probably get there tomorrow since I won't be out today.

buy 4 boxes of Capri Sun at $2.25 per box, then
a Catalina coupon will print out for $5, and because there is a simultaneous promotion going on with the Capri Sun, another Catalina will print out for $1.50. Making 4 boxes= $2.25

From what I understand this deal is repeatable. I plan to repeat 4-5 times.

Here are the other participating items in the score 5 deal
Participating Items
Maxed Out Lunchables
Yoplait Gogurt
Powerade 8 Pack
Vitamin Water 4 pack
Dasani 12Pack
Aquafina 6 pack
Gatorade 6 pack
Nabisco Tray Packs
Cheez Its
4lb Navel Oranges
Capri Sun
Frito Lay Multi Packs
Del Monte 4pack fruit
Quacker Granola Bars
Tropicana 6pk OJ

6:22 PM

3/6 Bargain Run

Randalls: 20 boxes of cereal...paid $10 after coupons. That was a fun promo. I still have another $10 coupon from the savings rally that is expiring Saturday. I'll probably have my husband stop in and grab 10 more boxes for free with that coupon, or something else random. I really, really can't buy any more cereal (I currently have almost 50 boxes, which will take 6 months to use at our current pace)
CVS: This is an embarrassingly huge pile of Easter Candy. I don't know what I'm going to do with it all. I paid $1.21. I had 2 $15 ECB's that I needed to use. There is a $5 ECB generating on $10 of Hershey's stuff this week (somehow my ECB only generated on one of my 2 cards, I was not paying close attention today though). Also I had a $5/$15 printable for each of our 2 cards. The problem was...they were out of all the free razors that I was going to get, so I had to throw on a ton more candy at the last minute to be able to use my ECB's because my total was so low. That's why there is a pile of B1G1 free Twizzlers, and Nerds, Mentos, Air Heads...all last minute register throw ons when my totals were too low. Oh well.

Other stops today:
*Lunch at Panera- free because I had a gift card. It was delicious
*Target- got soccer snacks for Saturday, and 8 more free string cheeses

11:06 AM

Are You Drowning in Cereal Yet?

I am. Well, mainly various types of Cheerios. But, the way my kids/husband go through cereal...there's always room to buy more. At the moment you can get 5/$5 using the Super Coupon available in the current Safeway/Randalls ad on these...

Or...you could wait until 3/5, when word on the street is you will be able to buy them 5/$5 with no limit, and no coupon necessary. There should be some coupons out to match up with this sale also.

10:58 AM

Target Morningstar Farms

I finally got into Target on Saturday. I already mentioned the OJ, and free string cheese (gotta get some more of that next time I'm over there). However, I also got a few boxes of Morningstar Farms products for free with another Target coupon. There is a $2 off printable available, and my Target had some of the products clearanced to $1.48. I got the overage, but was buying soccer practice outfits for my girlies, so I still spent too much. LOL

7:25 AM

Free Toddler Tableware Set

Take a brief, six-question survey and receive a Bowl, lid, juice cup, fork and spoon free from Motts and PBSKids Sprout. Hurry on over because this is only while supplies last.

Update: this offer is no longer available. Apparently, they ran out of the free stuff.