5:45 PM


I've been on a Target break since these Randalls deals started. I think now that those are done, I may be lured back in for a couple of things later this week. I need to hit the Easter stuff before it is totally gone. But, I'll also grab 2 Market Pantry brand items while I'm there (4 of each Target coupon of course)...string cheese can be had for free from what I understand with the 50cents off 2 MP cheese Target printables, also MP frozen orange juice can be had for 27cents with the 50cents off MP juice coupon. I think I'll give those a try. I've got plenty of room for frozen OJ with the new freezer. Daniel likes the frozen. I'm more of a Florida Natural or Tropicana with full pulp kind of girl myself.

5:33 PM

Yak Pak Update

I didn't get a Skip Hop....bummer. Oh well, I did know that it was a chance, not a guarantee. I got a pink Dickies backpack, a green Dickies small messenger style bag, and a green Dickies purse style bag.

7:58 AM

Yak Pak

I know it's been slow going here lately, but I've been horribly ill, and I've been working the Randalls deal. I feel obligated to post something else this week...so here it goes.

How do you feel about Skip Hop Diaper Bags? They're a smidge pricey, but everyone on a particular message board I read LOVES them. Anyway, they are also all crazy over this particular deal at Yak Pak, where you get a "mystery pack" of 3 bags for $10. Word on the street is that Skip Hop Diaper bags are one of the mystery bags being sent out right now. Seems that everyone who has ordered a mystery pack recently has received one. These bags sell for around $35-$70 each. So, you can see how it's a deal if you get one. I think a lot of the ladies just try to get them to sell for a profit. I actually want one to use as a diaper bag. So, I placed my order a few days ago, and I see that it has billed to my debit card. They ship out of the same city I live in coincidentally, so I'll update soon on whether I got a Skip Hop or not.

6:38 AM

CVS This Week Recap

I've been so preoccupied with the Randalls deals that I have barely shopped anywhere else for weeks. I could not miss out on my favorite CVS deal though...$15 ECB on $30 including Huggies. They never seem to carry any size 1 Huggies at my CVS, so I did the size 2. There is only a 2lb gap between newborn and size 2 weight ranges, so I may just skip the size 1's if I don't find a good deal on them before this pea arrives. I used 6, $1.50 off Huggies coupons, a $1.50 off Ziplock coupon, and a 50 cent Cottonelle coupon. Used a $4/20 CVS coupon on each of the 2 transactions, and used some ECB's. Earned $30 in new ECB's, but spent around $24 out of pocket.

7:20 AM


Since the Sara Lee Deal I've been dying to get some extra freezer space. Beside just the huge sales that I'm not able to fully stock up on...I can't buy extra chicken when it is half price, I can't buy extra ice cream when it's on sale, and those two things we go through TONS of. It makes me crazy to pay $5 for a carton of ice cream when I know it was on sale for $3 the week before, but I didn't have any extra space. Currently, I would have a ton of frozen Green Giant vegetables (for 20 cents each) if I had a place to put them.

So, I placed a free classified ad in our community's website...no luck. Only one person had an extra freezer/fridge to sell and it was old, nasty, and rusty. They wanted $300 for it. Yeah riiiiight. So I started researching freezers online, and checked a few different places locally. I decided on this one...I looked at chest freezers and upright freezers. I'm really short, so I decided on an upright for easier organization, and my ability to reach stuff. There was no difference in energy usage or price between the 2 styles. Home depot is having a 10% off sale. Also, I went with this model instead of one model smaller because free delivery on the larger one made the price difference very small. The other reason I went with this one instead of a cheaper one was that I wanted a frost-free and that feature is not available on the really cheap ones.

6:40 PM

Roll, Roll, Roll

We were out running errands today and I stopped in to roll my Randall's coupon. (too lazy to take a picture)

5 boxes assorted Cheerios ($1.50 each)
3 boxes Green Giant niblets corn (1.67 each)
9 cans Del Monte tomatoes, stewed and diced ($1 each)
6 boxes Betty Crocker Fruit snacks ($1.25 each)
2 boxes Rice-a-roni ($1 each)
Subtotal: $31.01
-$2 Green Giant instant deduction for buying 3
-$2 Cheerios coupon (catalina)
-$1.65 fruit snacks coupons (blinkie machine on shelf)
-$20 Rally Savings Coupon

Final total: $5.27 plus another $20 coupon for next time (and another $2 Cheerios coupon)

1:44 PM

Finally Got to Randalls (Safeway)

$37.31 spent...$20 coupon still left to spend/roll
This was 2 transactions. In total 3 popcorns (1.33 sale), 3 Green Giant frozen veggies (2.99 sale), 11 boxes Cheerios (1.50 sale), 6 boxes fruit rollups (1.25 sale), 6 boxes fruit snacks(1.25 sale), 5 boxes Rice-a-roni (1.00 sale), 3 boxes Hamburger Helper (1.66 sale), 13 cans Del-Monte tomatoes (1.00 sale).

1st transaction:
5 Rice-a-roni ...$5
5 Del Monte Tomatoes...$5
3 Hamburger Helper...$4.98
6 boxes fruit rollups/fruit snacks...$7.50
6 boxes Cheerios...$9
Total: $31.48 - $3.40 coupons (fruit snacks from a blinkie machine on the shelf, Ham Help, Cheerios)

Final Total: $28.08 plus I earned the $20 coupon on my next order...and it gave me a $2 Cheerios coupon which I used again in trans #2

Transaction #2:
6 rollups/fruit snacks...$7.50
5 boxes Cheerios...$7.50
3 boxes Popcorn...$3.99
8 cans Del Monte tomatoes...$8
3 bags Green Giant Veggies 24oz...$8.97
Total: $35.96- $26.65 coupons ($20 Rally coupon, fruit snacks from blinkie machine on the shelf, $2 off instantly from buying 3 Green Giant froz veggies, $1 off Green Giant peelie coupon on the bag, $2 off Cheerios Catalina from 1st trans.)

Final Total:$9.31...plus I earned another $20 coupon on my next order...and another $2 Cheerios coupon

***I will definitely be going at least one more time to roll this $20 coupon...sale runs until 2/26
***Don't forget there are 2000 different items included in this promo, these are just the ones I chose to do.

12:46 AM

Target $1 bin

I found these cute hats and gloves in the $1 bin at my local Target today. Great if you have little girls for dress up or for Easter.

7:09 AM

The Deal is Here

It DID come to Randalls too. It's in my ad today! Yay! More almost free stuff. I'm going to try to get in there sometime today, but may not make it in until tomorrow. Why do I have to be so busy?

6:54 PM

Rumor Mill

The rumor mill is churning with talk of another awesome Safeway (Randalls for me) promo. I really hope it comes to Randalls too, these things often seem not to. It is buy 25 items get $20 off instantly. There are hundreds and hundreds of items included. There is a spreadsheet available on THIS THREAD at Hot Coupon World.

8:30 PM

Final Sara Lee Haul

Spent about $6 (regular price would be about $58)
I stopped in Randalls on the way home from a dinner date with my husband tonight. The manager was checking me out and was so excited about my deals that she kept telling me to "go get some more". I told her I literally could not store or consume any more of this stuff. Then I used my final $10 off on milk, juice, and fruit. She was upset that it didn't print another $10 off. I had to explain that it only prints on 5 Sara Lee products. I was just using up the $10 off on things I needed so that I didn't let it expire. So, I am officially DONE with this deal. My refrigerator and freezer are maxed out on space.

10:20 AM

Upcoming Huggies Diaper Deal

My favorite CVS deal is coming up again in the 2/17 ad. Spend $30 get $15 ECB on Huggies, and quite a few other items like Cottonelle, Viva papertowels, Palmolive, etc. The Huggies will be $8.99, I plan to use some of my Huggies coupons, and hopefully a $/$$ to get some good deals for the new baby.

9:16 AM

Organic Grocery Deals

Here is a forum for organic grocery deals for those who are interested.

2:14 PM

More Sara Lee Play by Play

Total spent: approx $3
The beauty of this deal is its simplicity, and the fact that it was designed as an unlimited promotion. I figured out the glitch on my receipt from yesterday, asked at the customer service desk about it, and she had no idea how to fix it. So, I just said "ok, no problem thank you for your help", and moved on to cycling the deal again. I just made sure to watch carefully that all of my items today rang up correctly, and sure enough it spit out a new $10 coupon each of the 3 times I went through. I was checking out with a cashier who was saying how great this promo is, and that he was just going to keep on cycling it until it expired. The fact that there are over 300 items included, and the fact that it appears no bargain hunters shop at my store, left the shelves fully stocked with almost all of the applicable items. Oh if only I had an extra freezer in this house, I would be unstoppable. :)

*disclaimer: I say $3, but what I mean is that in order to not be "difficult" and force a manager to fix the error from my first round on this promo, I put in another $10 up front to begin rolling again, and of course I still have a $10 coupon to use if I get a chance to stop in again and roll some more. If I drive past again before the end of the deal, I'm sure I will do it.

3:33 PM

Bargain Run Randalls, CVS, Kroger

Kroger: I decided to stop in and grab 9 boxes of Capri Sun and 9 Kraft Cheese before the sale ended. I didn't even use any coupons. But, the deal is worth it to me because we go through tons of Capri Sun in lunch boxes, and apples and cheese are a very popular snack around here. Cheese has been getting pricey lately. So, 9 boxes of Capri Sun @ $2/box minus $6 when you buy 9= $12 for 9 boxes. 6 blocks of Kraft cheese and 3 12oz pkgs Kraft singles= @$2 each minus $6 when you buy 9= $12 for 9 packages of cheese.
Randalls: Tried this Sara Lee Promo. Went off OK, but not great. The lunch meat was super cheap and only cost $8 for 5 pkgs and gave me a $10 off your next order coupon. So, I went back through and did the hot dogs and bagels. It should have printed another $10 off next order and only totaled about $2.50 after I used the first coupon. Instead, I think the bagels rang up incorrectly (as 83 cents and as a random bread item) and so after my $10 off coupon my total was ZERO, but I didn't get another $10 off coupon, like I should have gotten. So, the total for this photo was $8. But, I'm out my extra $10 coupon due to cash register error. Still, $8 was a good deal. I may do another round if I take the girls to the library tomorrow, since that would require passing by Randalls again. I would argue the point if I had a problem again, but I think I'll let the error go this time, so I don't get noticed as a "difficult customer".
CVS: Was of course out of most of what I wanted, but I needed to use an expired ECB, so I did these items. I only used an ECB, a $4/20 purchase, and 2- $3 off Excedrin coupons. I know there are probably coupons available for the other items, but I didn't have time to look for them. So, I spent $10, and got $17 in new ECB's.

11:09 AM

Sara Lee Promo - Safeway (Randalls)

I hadn't really looked into this Sara Lee Safeway Promo because we don't have Safeway. Randalls is part of Safeway, but often doesn't have the great deals. I finally remembered to check the Randalls ad today, and it IS running at Randalls.

Basically, buy 5 Sara Lee products get $10 off your next shopping trip. Can be repeated an unlimited number of times.

An example...
on sale for $2.50 this week (maybe?)...
Ball Park Franks
Sara Lee Whole Wheat White Bread
Hillshire Farms Kielbasa

Buy 5...spend $12.50, get $10 off next order. Each repeat will only cost $2.50 for 5 items.

Here is the slickdeals thread regarding this promo.

4:43 PM

Capri Suns or Kraft Cheese

My sister-in-law pointed out to me that she got 9 boxes of Capri Suns at Kroger today for $12. I had taken advantage of the "game day" promo today (and last week), but I had spread my 9 items out over several different qualifying items. The prices are pretty good on some of these items, especially if you have coupons that correspond. Kraft cheese for example is $1.34 each with the promo. Anyway, I am tempted to go pick up 9 more boxes of Capri Suns before the promo ends. We go through those like crazy because of lunch boxes.

7:32 AM

Nielsen Homescan Panel

Has anyone ever signed up to do the Nielsen Homescan Panel?
I've heard about it a lot. Some people say that it is worth the effort, some hate it. I signed up a few months ago, and it looks like our household may have come up off of the waiting list. Basically, you scan in your household purchases using a hand scanner and transmit them once a week over the computer. I wonder how much effort will be involved in this? I think I will try it out. There is no obligation, so it is not like I can't quit and send the scanner back if I don't like it right?

If you are interested register your household using the above link.